Sterling Hearts Disability Services is a NDIS Provider in Sydney that envisions a world where every NDIS participant live an autonomous life, whilst being safe. We have an experienced team of support workers that diligently provide assistance to eligible participants to build capacity, confidence, and enable them to live as independently as possible.

About Us

With several years of experience in the industry, we take pride in sharing our knowledge and focus on enhancing and empowering participants to live as independently as they choose while availing of support services with Sterling Hearts.

Our team is qualified and experienced in working in a range of environments and catering for the needs of participants at every step of their journey. We work alongside them to create meaningful relationships with the community by incorporating innovative service models at Sterling Hearts Disability Services. We believe in helping you become the best version of yourself in all aspects to live a truly fulfilling, dignified and purposeful life.

Our support workers leave no stone unturned in helping your reach the milestones you’ve set for yourself promoting an independent living in the complete sense. Our support workers are committed to understanding you and building your capacity holistically working with you to grow in every part of your life. Sterling Hearts is known for its vast spectrum of services with each offering quality in everything we deliver for you.


We strive to provide high-quality and innovative support servicesthat promote ethical, respectful and inclusive practices for all. Our highly safe delivery of services which are unique, flexible and meet all the legislative requirements offer real support for people who are differently-abled. We make it a point to meet you where you are in offering an unparalled level of support.


We aim to become Australia’s first choice for offering in-home personalised health and wellbeing solutions that are life-improving and person-centred in approach. Our focus is on the strengths of our participants; therefore we work with you and along side you to provide customised tailored support needed as we break down barriers and strive for a more inclusive society.


Our Values

Our values are based on the GERD model. They help us implement our work ethic, principles and fundamental policies effectively. They represent who we are, what we stand for and how we deliver while reinforcing our behaviours and interaction in the right direction.


Our support workers and caregiving staff are extremely attentive and generous in offering help whenever you would require it. We generously offer you resources and services that would help you grow and take on the right things in life.


We believe in offering equal opportunity to each of our participants so as to promote growth uniquely in each person. Our policies are built to help you feel equally capable as the people around you with the right support, resources and aid by your side.


We believe in delivering excellence with all our deliverables and services. All our services are built and designed with precision and expertise to help you in the most intricate ways. Our highly skilled staff and abundant resources, help you live your best life every day!


It’s our firm belief that at the core of every service or support lies the respect that you have for the person being assisted. All our services are rooted in respecting your needs, privacy, confidentiality, concerns and lifestyle preferences amongst many other things.


With people hailing from various backgrounds to us, our services are also flexible in the sense of offering diversity in the range of services offered. Our diverse, personalized, at-home well-being solutions focus on meeting your unique requirements with exquisite support.

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